sewing machine
High frequency machine
The upper fits the sole
Forming back-end packaging
Automatic leather folding machine
Outer sole sewing machine
Shoes Manufacture Machine TPR TPU shoe injection moulding machine Essential for shoe factories
Used to emboss different patterns or punch on leather surface.
Efficient automatic bottom pressing machine
Product TrendsThe bottom gasbag can inflate and adjust the radian automatically
Ribbon Machine
assembly line
Shoe brush glue(1)
Glue brushing process for upper and sole
Cardboard cutting machine, suitable for development in the development room
Product DisplayTechnology Shoes Toe Making
Slippers automatically tie shoelaces pneumatically
Warped uppers and boots
hydraulic automatic CF710A sole attaching sport shoe sole pressing machine
pvc three color upper making
Outside machine
Shoe brush glue(2)
Shoe last craft
Cutting, widely used in die cutting machines to cut various non-metallic materials
Product TrendsLive shot Shoe Steaming Soften Machine
The shredder machine directly grinds the waste into powder.
In-sole sanding machine
Shoe upper edge scraping machine

shoe upper injection molding machine
Shoe brush glue(3)
Shoe sticking process
eva granule material shoe footwear injection molding machine
Product TrendsThe sole pressing machine adopts the full hydraulic design with strong adhesive pressure and solid adherence.
This machine is an push type heating oven for shoe , which is used to smooth shoes wrinkle and set the upper after lasting.
Line drawing machine, suitable for all shoes
suitable for non-metallic materials in larger quantities such as cutting paper ,leather,PU,rubber,plastic,foam,EPE cotton, fiber,cloth,and
Labeling machine
Now popular brushing equipment
Automatic punching rivets
New designFully Automatic Variable Speed EVA Rubber Sole Edge Grinding
Production processUsed for leather layer splitting of shoes, bags and cases, which is highly efficient and accurate.
This machine is suitable for any kinds of nailheads work for male or female shoes.
New designThe delasting machine is with claw-type structure.
TrendsHot air blower ironing wrinkle removing
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engraving machine with sink 2
Automatic computer sewing machine
conveyor and support machine for shoe cementing and assembling,
New featuresFeatureSlippers automatically tie shoelaces pneumatically
R & D strength used for cleaning all kinds of soles. The operation is very simple and economical. It is an ideal equipment for cleaning soles of shoes
Trimming machine, with sharp blades to trim the surface of the shoe throat.
Outsole rough machining, trimming and polishing process, high production efficiency