Two color TR/PVC/TPU injection machine for shoes sole




1) WIth self-diagnosis analysis system, current status of machine operarion can be monitored to insure smoothly production.

2) Every extruder is with independent nozzle, material flow is not interfered, colores are not mingled, outsloe colors are more clear.

3) Providing with work file records, processing parameters for different molds can be saved with individual files, production is more efficient.


1) Mold tickness automatically compensated hydraulic clamping system.

2) Three position (0, 90, 180) mold ratating head, providing multi mode production capability for single color, two color.

3) Unique rotating head positioning mechanism, providing precise and fast mold positioning.

4) Upper and bottom molds ejector units for easy, fast and distortion free sole rimoval.

5) Automatic sliding unit for flexible and easy sole ellection and for easy insertion parts placement.

6) Separate blowing  system on three face rotating head and bpttom mold plate, providing easy soles and sprue removal.

7) Automatic sliding unit for flexible and easy, fast and distortion free sole rimoval.

8)  With separate cooling system  on three faces rotating head and bottorm mole plate, cooling time is shortened and productivity is higher.


1) Provide injection or extrusion system available for TR.

2) Electric motor driven injection point height adjustment system, suitable for different size of molds.

3) It is easy and fast for material changing with less waste.

4) Prectse barrel temperature control with PLC control system.

5) Adjustment of injection point with horizontal leveling , no material heap at channel  of extruders.





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