Kneader Machine for rubber and plastic products



1. Maximum Dispersion & Hight Production

Double blades with special spiral angle, proper clearance & high cooling effect gives excellent dispersion which can not be obtained from an open mill. It’s production is 4 to 5 times more than an ordinary mixing mill thus saving on labor and electricity.

2.Siper sealing, no powder leakages

Both sides of the rotor blades are injected welding a iron alloy ring, which assures sealing and products the blades from abrasion. Imported bakelite sealing ring, which make super sealing. The chamber around are designed with groove, then embeded with rubber stip, this make sure the whole mixing chamber is well sealed.

3.No Foundation Requirement

The Kneader has a common bed plate for all parts and not require foundation.

4.Easy Cleaning & Colour Change

Mixing chamber can be titled down for 140 degree, which enables easy cleaning, because of this different coloured compounds can be made without trouble.

5.Easy Operation

Easy operation with push buttons and hand lever valves from the operation board.

6.Short Mixing Time

Mixing time ranges from 6 to 12 minutes depending on compounds specific gravity.



kneader machine


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