Two density rubber shoes moulding machine



MLR-2YF two color rubber shoes foam moulding machine is a special machine used in shoes industry.It is applyed in the press of moulding single color o two color rubber shoes, which is firmly adhered to the uppers afte sulfurain. It particularly suits for the production of cloh shoes, militay safety boots, casual shoes, slippers, sports shoes and laborinsurance shoes ect.It is ideal for rubber foamig shoes proction.



1.This rubber shoes molding machine driven by hydraulic pressure.Can work in manual state and in automation.
2.In order to reduce energy consumption ,energy accumulator is used to guaranee the pressure in the hydraulic system, with saving energy about 30%.
3.Last, bottom core and side mold heated,temperature controlled and displayed all separately.
4.Automaticcally turn over last by hydraulic pressure (one mold with 2 lasts). Bottomcore can go up anddown and it can buckle tightly and automatically. The last turning structure the same the DESMA.
5.Adopt parallel double joined boarding clampmold framework,which is drived directly by double cylinder.
6.The last pressing adopts the guide rail to reduice the distortion in the process, which same with DESMA.
7.One set of this machine’s mechanism, hydraulic system and electric parts,are all closed in an entirety, so very convenient to adjust and install.
8.One mold has two lasts. when one last works in sulfuration,the other one can prepare uppers forhigher efficiency.
9.For mold’s adjustment and installation, manual buttons can rotate last, press last, clamp mold and make bottom core up and down.

10.The molds of our machines are interchangeable with DESMA.




We are profesional manufacturer of all kinds of shoes machine, shoes mold  for making shoe sole outsole, soles of slippers, straps, crystal, sandals and crocs shoes  in materials of EVA, PVC, TPR,  RB,PU,TPU,TR,TPE etc and whole factory equipment for shoes factory. We sell all kinds of raw materials for making shoes outsole, boots sole, slipper, flip flop, the shoes parts also. This rubber sole automatic hydraulic machine is specialized in production of one and two color RB shoe soles, it also used for making flip flop sole.

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