Three Color PVC Upper And Strap Injection Moulding Machine

Three Colors PVC Upper And Strap Injection Moulding Machine



This three colors upper and strap injection machine used for making plastic uppers and straps with  single color, double colors and three colors  for PVC shoes, for example: slippers, sandal, flip flop and others PVC plastic products. The upper and strap moulding machine is mainly made up of main machine, auxiliary machine and disc feeder.



 1.This machine is specialized in single color, double color and three color uppers for slippers and sandals with the raw material of PVC.
2.Adopting  PLC program control of industrial grade man-machine interfaces, display of touching screen.
3.Double-ration hydraulic system.
4.Accurate digital measurement.
5.Ration layout, easy to operate and it can be run without professionals.
6.Energy-saving, less laborer, high production.
7.It has stronger adaptability, uppers of single, double,three color can be chosen freely.

pvc upper machine

We are profesional manufacturer of all kinds of shoes machine, shoes mold  for making shoe sole outsole, soles of slippers, crystal, sandals and crocs shoes  in materials of EVA, PVC, TPR,  RB,PU,TPU,TR,TPE etc and whole factory equipment for shoes factory. We sell all kinds of raw materials for making shoes outsole, boots sole, slipper, flip flop, the shoes parts also. Our three colors plastic strap making machine applies hydraulic motor and is designed reasonably in an overall layout.

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