PVC shoes injection machine for shoes making


1. PLC controlled, pre-plasticized by hydraulic motor, driven by full hydraulic pressure, and cycled automatically.

2.High plasticity capacity, the plasticity temperature can be controlled automatically by pre-selection.

3.It adopts 12 points measurement, and during the application,the injection volume can be chosen  according to the requirements of the shoes molds at each wording position.

4.The function of empty mold selection has been provided.

5.The structure of single cylinder direct drawing and double connected plates sharing join molds has   been adopted.

6.Single cylinder injections has been adopted.

7.Provided the selection function for the order of pressing the cramp and closing the mold.

8.There are many working positions, the time for shaping is long, and it will be easy to guarantee the shaping quality of the shoes soles.



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