PU Pouring machine for PU shoes slipper sandal


1. The mixing head is high-precision abrasion-resistant reversing valve device,which is featured of synchronous feeding, long service life, simple operation, safety and reliability as well as convenient maintenance.
2. The high-precision low-speed metering pump is characteristic of precise measurement and durability, with measurement error ≤1%.
3. It’s equipped with the temperature control system suitable for various sole materials, with heat-conducting thermal-insulation layer in the material conveying pipeline and acid-resistant stainless steel (liner) heating inter layer tank as the material tank. As a result, it can ensure material quality and stable temperature.
4. It’s equipped with computer control system, with automatic discharging or cleaning available.

5. It’s equipped with assembled device combined with the cooling system and spires and fans. It’s featured of longer continuous working time and less cleaning and thus can reduce pollution and costs and improve productivity effect.



Simple operation & Easy moving High speed mixing technology, Less waste material Continuous production more pairs Less cleaning times High precision abrasion-resistant reversing valve device of Mixing head.



We are profesional manufacturer of all kinds of shoes machine, shoes mold  for making shoe sole outsole, soles of slippers, straps, crystal, sandals and crocs shoes  in materials of EVA, PVC, TPR,  RB,PU,TPU,TR,TPE etc and whole factory equipment for shoes factory. We sell all kinds of raw materials for making shoes outsole, boots sole, slipper, flip flop, the shoes parts also. This rubber sole automatic hydraulic machine is specialized in production of one and two color RB shoe soles, it also used for making flip flop sole.

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