EVA sheet embossing machine for shoe insole slippr upper



1. The measuring machine utilizes potentmter detertion and cooperdinate with the operation of PLC to control material quantity precisely.

2. The two injector move by applying worm gear deceletator conjoins back motor to drive and the high speed movement controlled by internet, the position can be sensed by ulta-sonic wave linear dispalcement transducer accurately.

3. The two-step speedy mold opening/closing machianism with detective  device of fully mold closing, The large mold plate design can apply to various style of molds flexibly with high accommodation.

4. Utilized servo motor hydraulic system to reduce noise and improve safety and stability so that enhance efficiency, coordinating the computer control system and precisely control different section pressure and flow rate.

5. No need water circulation for mold station, using efficient heat insulation material about 30% energy.


insole embossing machine

We are profesional manufacturer of all kinds of shoes machine, shoes mold  for making shoe sole outsole, soles of slippers, straps, crystal, sandals and crocs shoes  in materials of EVA, PVC, TPR,  RB,PU,TPU,TR,TPE etc and whole factory equipment for shoes factory. We sell all kinds of raw materials for making shoes outsole, boots sole, slipper, flip flop, the shoes parts also. This rubber sole automatic hydraulic machine is specialized in production of one and two color RB shoe soles, it also used for making flip flop sole.

Science lead technology which lead success , and we have the best quality , the best service and competitive price . If any interest in our products , please feel free to contact us !


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