Hydraulic Automatic Sole Attaching Machine 



1. This sole attaching machine uses all pressure design. The pressure for the adherence is stron, and theadherence is solid.

2. Mploy themethod of the operation controlled by the computer, which can set up and tevise the inside timing installation.

3. One machine has multiple-use functions, which applies to slow -tunning shoes, jodding shoes, sports shoes, leathers shoes, stocking shoes. Base pressing, edging ang fying the front and the back together can be achiebed one time or can be achiebed indibidually according to the required situation which makes the opertion easy and the effciency of the production raised.

4. The design of the oil -pressing jar with multiple banches and intensive setting can aboid the irregular outline epen the pressure of the shoe edge and achieve the inseparable and excellent effects.

5. The design of the interlinking of front and back pressing poles makes the pressure of the shoes eben dand the shoes no holes, theesing of the pressing ples automatically furning over makes the shoes avokd the resistance when they are fetched and placed, which raises the efficiency ang prebents the damage of the surface of shoes.



 Model MLR-CH825A
 Demensions 1100*1200*1880 mm
 Packing Size 1200*1300*2050 mm
 Weight 1300 kg
 Production 2000 pairs / 8 hours
 Motor Power 3 HP

With the development now Our machine line includes : Plastic Moulding Machines for Footwear, PVC Air Blowing Moulding Machine, TPR ,TR, Rubber, Phylon ,EVA, PU Sole Making Machine, DIP, Jogger Shoes Machine, EVA faming Machine, PVC Upper Injection Machine, PVC Rainboots Moulding Machine and so on.

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