CO2 Laser Machine

Product Introduction: 

CO2 laser marking machine is controlled computer, use CO2 laser generates a laser beam 10.64um, and through beam expansion, focusing galvanometer collaboration, in accordance with the trajectory set in the work surface of the article, ythe article surface gasification achieve engraving effects, the company produces CO2 laser marking machine adopts imported laser, the beam pattern is good, stable performance, maintenance-free, suitable for the whole high- volume, multi-species, high-speed, high-precision continuous production operations.


1. The laser power, control software, continuously adjustable.
2. Increse the low cost, without any supplies.
3. The wide range of marking, marking a clear, easy to wear and high cutting efficiency.

4. The high-speed scanning galvanometer, marking speed 30% faster than similar products imported laser, continuous inflated. Solve your worries.

Technical Parameters:

laser marking machine

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